Education With A Tutor: Is It necessary?

The Education Department hasn’t tried to discourage private tutoring. Officials say they’re worried about the possibility of given richer students an unfair advantage in middle school admissions. The department is switching to a brand new type of talent test next year, partly in response to concerns that tutoring and test preparation are influencing results. At the same time, we do encourage families to strengthen what students learn in a classroom with activities like reading, writing and solving complex problems.

Why parents prefer tutoring

The majority of pupils in classes don’t need remediation, however, their parents want assurance that whenever exams begin, their kids will be comfortable and not lose their knowledge. Some people hire tutors when their kids are in the 3rd grade, a full year before they’ll take the 4th grade tests that medium schools use for admissions. Some teachers provide individual tutoring for state exams at rates of $80 to $150 for an hour. It reminds parents just how tough it’s to get into a good middle school.

Tutoring for a specific exam is still popular. This elbows out and purses open competition for upper secondary schools, especially in some regions, where a boom of middle school age children. Since 2002, new schools serving middle grades have been opened in some districts, and others have expanded, in accordance with a city. But still there is a contest over selective middle schools.

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